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You make my life so COLOURFUL!!

cupcakes of COLOURS

Mr. tomakukki created “cupcakes of COLOURS”.

8 happy colours of chocolate cream on top of the cupcakes

pink | amber | yellow | lime | cyan | violet | creamy | timber

every cupcake is decorated with a little lovely charm.

>6 flavours for your selection:

chocolate | greentea chocochip | vanilla | lemon poppy seed | blueberry | strawberry

It is happy enough to see the cupcakes,
not to mention when you put them on your taste bud. ^^

Thank you so much for your ”cupcake of colours”. It’s you, make me so COLOURFUL.

set of 9 pieces| HK$498 /set
9 pieces of “cupcakes of COLOURS” well presented in our signature wooden box. Your beloved one surely will be very sweet to get these lovely cupcakes~~
set of 17 pieces| HK$798 /set
17 pieces of “cupcakes of COLOURS” create a beautiful little garden~~
set of 30 pieces| HK$1198 /set
30 pieces of “cupcakes of COLOURS” on the lovely cupcake tower~~
set of 48 pieces| HK$1868 /set
Who can stop laughing and dancing when one sees these 48 pieces of happy “cupcakes of COLOURS” ?
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